Why Sell With Us?

Department Store is a marketplace curated by People of Print. Department Store is filled with a series of talented independent brands, studios, artists, designers collectives and more, each contributing their beautifully made products.


• The Reach — Our network reaches over 2 million people with the vast majority having a creative background or practice. Meaning lots of potential for business. 

• Marketing — We work closely with our vendors to help promote and share their items through our social channels including our People of Print channels and newsletter.

• Community — By being a part of our marketplace, you'll be involved in our huge creative community, accessing exclusive invites to our People of Print events as well as possibly being asked to take part!


1.) Apply to sell your items on our store. 

2.) If you are successful, you will be given access to the signup link. 

3.) List your items on our marketplace. 

4.) Our editorial team will be in contact about promoting your work. 

5.) Customers order and pay through our secure checkout. 

6.) You'll get a notification of the sale and need to fulfil this order. 

7.) Keep track of your sales in the vendor portal.

8.) We pay you (through Paypal). 

We currently operate on a drop-shipping system with our vendors. This means we do not buy wholesale and we do not hold or ship any of your stock. This is so we can have items available sourced from all ends of the globe, allowing our customers to get the best of the unique there is to offer. It also allows vendors to be super flexible with their account, being able to update, delete, and add items whenever they wish. 

We do not have an exclusivity clause meaning you can sell your items on as many platforms as you wish. We are however open to discussing exclusivity deals which will be on a project-by-project basis. 


• 25% discount on our People of Print print services 

• Marketing — In the form of website articles, news articles on Department Store, inclusion in our weekly promotional newsletters and items shared through both @deptsto.re and @peopleofprint Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts. 


• Interesting, quality work — We're looking for items that are not mass produced, we want quality independent work. 

• Good photography — We find with e-commerce that images are everything. The better the images, the better the item will sell as these will be used for promotion and other marketing materials. 

• New Items — We're always on the lookout for new products, you may have a cool lamp or chair that you want to sell. Get in touch we might want it! Note: please look at our store before you apply so you can get a feel of what we sell already. Also look at our best sellers, they'll give you a clue about what our customers love. 

• Knowledge and respect of copyright — We ask all our vendors who join that their work has been created by themselves and is not a copy of similar creation of another artists work, name, brand, design or product. Any person who conflicts with this will be removed from the store immediately. 

Think you fit the bill?  



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